Who Needs Blood? (Peace Corps Medical Journey, Part I)

Peace Corps Morocco / Saturday, March 19th, 2016

I am feeling quite light-headed as I write this. If I had to venture a guess, the fasting until four p.m. coupled with the six vials of blood stolen from me today may have something to do with the overall dizziness. 

Six vials seems excessive, you may be thinking. Well, excessive is key with the Peace Corps. I am well underway with the dreaded Peace Corps medical clearance exam. And if the eyes of my primary care physician were any indicator when I showed her what needed to be done, the Peace Corps makes sure to leave no stone unturned. In the globe and in the case of my physical health.

That being said, be prepared for more than one appointment to finish all of your paperwork. My original plan was to have my physician put in an order in for all of my bloodwork and then I would stroll into her office after it was complete for my physical. Except when I called the scheduler to set this up, she told me I had just had my physical last November so she wasn’t sure how to schedule another for me. So I was transferred to my physician’s assistant. And I tried to explain to her about the Peace Corps and the necessity to schedule my bloodwork before my appointment. She was even more confused and told me to just bring my paperwork at my appointment to discuss.

And so today I sat in my physician’s office with a stack of incomplete papers, and she immediately decided to do what I had wanted to from the start. Schedule all of my bloodwork for today and make a follow-up appointment for the physical. Meeting in person was helpful to better explain what I needed. Good News. Bad News: Meeting in person also means my insurance company is more than likely going to mail me a bill for that 20 minute meeting. And despite the copious amounts of lamb, rice, and bread I consumed an hour ago, I am not near replenished from the blood loss.

Feeling like a vampire’s scorned lover is the least of my medical issues right now.

Because Monday morning, I’m preparing to be carved into. After a decade of putting it off, these wisdom teeth are finally going to find a new home. Send up some positive thoughts that I’ll still see you on the other side!

Medical Costs (Thus Far):
Eye Exam: $89
First Dentist Exam: $19
Wisdom Teeth Consultation: $10
Initial Doctor’s Appointment: Insurance, Final Price TBD
Medical Labs: Insurance, Final Price TBD
Wisdom Teeth Extraction, localized: estimated price $800

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