Peace Corps Morocco Must-Have Links

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Peace Corps Morocco Program

Serving in Peace Corps Morocco

Peace Corps Morocco Handbook: This gives a nice overview of Peace Corps goals in Morocco, the general roles and responsibilities of Peace Corps Volunteers, and history and background of Morocco.

Peace Corps Morocco Website: an amazing website created by PC Morocco volunteers that outlines everything a potential volunteer needs to know, as well as an excellent resource for incoming and current PC Morocco volunteers.

Peace Corps Morocco Gender and Development Community Website: this website provides gender-based resources and documents the work done throughout Morocco, thanks to the efforts of the GAD Committee.

Peace Corps Morocco Packing List: An incredible volunteer-curated packing list created through the Peace Corps Morocco Website.

Peace Corps Morocco Cookbook: An amazing volunteer-compiled cookbook geared specifically towards cooking techniques while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco.

27 Months: Podcast created by RPCV from Morocco that outlines experiences in Morocco.

About Peace Corps

Official Peace Corps Website: the place to go to get up-to-date information about the Peace Corps, its mission and vision, and current volunteer openings.

On the Homefront: this is an excellent handbook for parents of volunteers. It outlines all of the necessities, such as our life as a PCV, commonly asked questions, how to contact the PC Office, and ways to stay in touch.

Family and Friends Guide: this acts as a supplemental guide to On the Homefront, much of the same information is repeated, but this one has pretty pictures, fancy designs, and inspiring quotes.

About Morocco

Morocco World News: An online news source that delivers up-to-date information about Morocco and other countries in the MENA sector.

If it Were My Home: Compare United States and Morocco.

BBC: Morocco Profile: Gives a great overview of Morocco’s background, history, and leadership.

News Articles of Note:

Gender Equality Bad News for Moroccan Women
Morocco/Western Sahara: Rights Backsliding Outpaces Reforms

An Unlikely Celebration of North Africa’s Ethnic Diversity
Agents of Change – Tapping into the Minds of North Africa’s Future (Female) Leaders
Casablanca Calling
Harsh Times for Rural Migrants in Morocco

Other MENA Region News Sources

Al Jazeera

Your Middle East

Women’s Issues in the MENA Region

Power of a Cliche: “Through 220 slides Haleh Anvari Addresses the issues surrounding the representations of her country by the western media and the powers within Iran. Using photographs mined from the internet and mixing these with personal and family photographs, she looks at the role of the chador in her life and in the way Iran and a whole nation are represented.” I highly recommend you watch this moving picture documentary. It’s worth the 20 minutes.

A Marrakech Tale: This video not only documents the dying art of story-telling in Morocco, as it follows the resiliency of a master storyteller, but it also showcases a woman’s struggle to break into what has traditionally been a male-dominated sphere.

100 Years of Beauty: Iran: This one-minute YouTube video focuses on the changing styles in Iran. It’s interesting to note the social and political implications that underscore the history of women empowerment in Iran.

WISE Muslim Women: “The Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality (WISE) is a global program, social network and grassroots social justice movement led by Muslim women. WISE is empowering Muslim women to fully participate in their communities and nations and amplifying their collective voices.”


International College of Dentists Peace Corps Program: Dentists who are a part of this program offer free dental check-ups and x-rays to incoming peace corps volunteers.