How Can the Mastermind Principle Increase Your Chances of Success?

Conscious Creativity / Sunday, November 26th, 2017

Perhaps you are familiar with the word “Mastermind,” or perhaps it brings to mind an alien with a big blue head. (That’s Megamind, in case you were wondering). The Mastermind concept has been around since the beginning of time. “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Metaphysically, this means that when minds gather together with an unified vision, the spirit of that vision will shine through all their meetings. The term Mastermind was first coined by Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich.”

“The Mastermind principle consists of an alliance of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite object. No two minds ever come together without a third invisible force, which may be likened to a ‘third mind.’ When a group of individual minds are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual in the group.”

I love Mastermind groups because it combines the practical and spiritual. It is more than a melding of minds; it is a collaboration of your soul’s desire. A Mastermind group is a dedicated cohort of individuals who choose to love and support one another throughout the journey towards bliss.

In technical terms, for a predetermined time, a group commits to helping one another accomplish their personal development and business goals.

4 Basic requirements of a Mastermind group:

1: Sharing successes and obstacles along the way
2: Brainstorming techniques to help one another succeed
3: Providing positive accountability to ensure each person meets personal metrics
4: Gathering tools, resources, and networking support

Mastermind groups can be formal or informal, small or large, online or in-person. The best groups, however, consist of between five and ten people. These people meet at least twice a month with a set agenda to ensure maximize return on investment for time. The most important element of any successful Mastermind group is not location. It is the commitment of the people involved in the group and the strength of the goals it is centered around.

4 Popular elements in a Mastermind group:

1. Updates: Each individual has five to ten minutes to share successes and struggles since the last meeting.
2. Hot Seat: One or more individuals dive deeper into their individual goals. The group gives advice and brainstorms ways that the individual(s) can maximize their goals.
3. Topical Talks: Often seen in larger Mastermind groups, an expert in a relevant topic will provide advice and resources.
4. Networking and Resources: Members share resources with the group, mention any networking opportunities, or share needs.

Why join a Mastermind group?

Many people can be hesitant about sharing their journey towards Bliss with others. They may have had their dreams rejected. One thing I love about Mastermind groups is that they’re designed to bring like-minded individuals together to support goals. It doesn’t matter what your dream is—although it can help to join a Mastermind group in a similar career field for networking purposes—a Mastermind group helps you accomplish your goals.

5 Benefits of joining a Mastermind group:

1. Accountability for your personal and business development goals
2. Resources and networking opportunities you may not have known about
3. Creativity boosts through mind melding and brainstorming
4. A realistic support group and safe space to share your dreams
5. Potential to join forces in order to establish a business plan or dream together

If being a part of a Mastermind group feels intimidating, realize you have already been part of one and didn’t realize it. “Mastermind” is just a term, but these types of groups are common.

3 instances where I was in a Mastermind group before I even knew the term:

1. Fiction Press Communities: During high school and college, I had a wide range of writing friends from around the world. We joined groups that encouraged one another to write more and mindfully critiqued the work we’ve already done.

2. College Spiritual Groups: These groups focused on a spiritual theme. We spent time sharing struggles, joys, or goals for support. We were offered positive thoughts and prayers, as well as tangible support methods to follow through on goals.

3. Childhood Trauma Support Group: Although Mastermind groups tend to focus on the business aspect of development, their format can be modeled off of 12-step groups. My support group created an accountability and support system to work through personal development goals. Each meeting would begin with time to share how the previous week played out and each meeting would end with a sharing of personal goals for the following week.

If you are looking for ways to maximize your potential, I encourage you to start or join a Mastermind group today.

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