Could You Survive a Moroccan Meal?

Peace Corps Morocco / Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Food is life. And it is especially life in the Moroccan home. Scroll through photos of some notable food and be sure to take the quiz at the bottom to see if you can survive a Moroccan Meal.

Weekly Souk

One of my favorite meals: Fish Tagine -- you get all the courses with the salad and "dessert" (aka fruit).

A great dinner of tomatoes and eggs. And bread, of course.

The first course at the wedding.

Couscous Friday!!!

Glorious Donuts that we eat every Sunday. It's a treat I hate to miss.

Could you Survive a Moroccan Meal?

1. How much food do you eat?

A: You're saying safi (stop) as you eagerly stuff your face full of food.
B: You say safi (stop)  as soon as you sit down at the table.

2. What about the communal water glass?

A. You started gulping the lma (water) down on the first day.
B. You still sneak into your room every fifteen minutes to take a sip from your secret water bottle.

3. How are you liking your triangle of food?

A: You conspicuously eye the delicious-looking potato across the plate in hopes that your Host Mama will slide it your way.
B: You low-key toss every vegetable that gets pushed to your side into somebody else's triangle.

4. Are you a meat-eater?

A. You have to stop yourself from diving into the meat first.
B. You pray that your Host Mama serves you the smallest piece or you've declined from eating meat all together.

5. When eating lamb, do you . . .

A: Grab the closest bone in order to suck out the marrow.
B. Cut off the fat and hide it under your plate, so the family doesn't notice.

6. What's your preferred utensil?

A: Bread, of course! Unless it's Couscous Friday, then you're rolling perfect balls in your right hand.
B. The first word you learned in Darija was m3qa (spoon).

7. What is your relationship with bread?

A. More please. You eat half a loaf at every meal, including dinner and kaskrut (tea).
B. You stoutly ignore the wedge of bread sitting beside you at every meal.

8. Kaskrut?

A. You skip it whenever possible.
B. You Host Mama wants you to eat THREE slices of cake? And millawee (fried bread goodness)?! You are happy to!!!

9. How do you like your atay?

A. Three blocks of sugar please.
B. lqHawa (coffee) only, please. Black.

10. You're meeting your friends at 1:00 p.m. It's 12:50 and your Host Family just realized that you're leaving and are insisting you eat lunch first. Do you . . .

A. Sit down for the full three-course lunch. Your friends will understand Moroccan Standard Time.
B. Decline lunch, even as your Host Mama is shoving handfuls of apples in your hands.

11. Are you excited for Friday?

A. Always! Couscous Friday is the greatest tradition invented!
B. Never! All you want to do is curl up in a ball and never move again after being forced-fed so much Couscous.

Mostly As: Congratulations! You have integrated into the Moroccan Food Culture. Way to embrace your inner food lover. Your Host Mama is the happiest woman in  town. Expect to gain 15 pounds

Mostly Bs: You have a long way to go until you truly integrate in Morocco. But don't worry, your Host Mama will make it her number one goal to ensure you're well fed, whether you want it or not. Expect to gain 15 pounds.

Post your results below!

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