Big Bright World

We live in an awe-inspiring world! I have been across mountains, plains, forests, and through the cities and cornfields of America. I’ve had the privilege to explore the green stippled rice paddies of Bali; the narrow, winding, color-filled bazaars of Morocco; and the ancient ruins and majestic cathedrals of Italy. Although my journey around the world has just began, the world has shown me its majesty.

Where do you want to explore? It doesn’t matter if you prefer to stay close to your roots or travel to parts unknown. There are countless ways that we can celebrate our planet and the diverse cultures, people, animals, and fauna that we room with. I invite you to travel with me as we discover sustainable ways to cherish this place we all call home.

Floating Through Posh Corps
By Cassandra Ernst  /  October 6, 2016

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